Feel My Pulse

$35.00 - $80.00

Ellie drew this after her experience attending a fellow DC artist's workshop, "Pulse: An Rhythmic Journey Back to Your Heart". She made it in honor of the three empresses who created and held that sacred space through movement, drum, and mantra.

Ellie dedicates this piece to everyone who is doing the hard and continuous work of removing the barriers around our hearts to soften and reconnect with an ancient pulse that has carried us throughout past energies and connects us to future ones.

In the drawing, the two womxn press foreheads together, completing a third eye. Their hands are placed softly over one another's heart. They telephatically communicate: "retrieving our divinities might not happen in this lifetime, and we'll definitely have setbacks, but I’m in it with you. Feel my pulse. I feel yours. It’s so steady and reliable and getting louder."