Ellie Yanagisawa (she/her/hers/jelly) is a queer Japanese American artist living and working in Washington, DC. With her art, she hopes to lead viewers into the surreal canyons of the mind through a visual meditation. Perhaps there, in those in between spaces, viewers will zone in on their own consciousness, communing with a boundless space of creativity previously inaccessible. 

She knows there are vast worlds and experiences beyond the ones that she experiences. Her process of making art helps her to move beyond her human limits and explore these otherwise hidden places--the microscopic, the cosmic, the surreal, the spiritual, the subconscious, the ancestral. This exploration helps Ellie understand the delicate balance and complex interdependence of these systems and her place within it all. Ellie’s art practice helps her remember that we are in relationship with something divine and much bigger than ourselves, and that we all have space and a place to grow within it. This self-reflection in turn expands her intrapersonal and interpersonal competence. She allows herself to be a clear vessel and conduit through her art.

digital collage of Ellie Yanagisawa standing in front of Pluto wearing one of her custom painted jackets