Queendom of Medusozoa: the Sentry


In a 26.5” x 22.5” frame, pen and ink and painstakingly cut out with an xacto knife. Price includes shipping.

The Sentry lives a nomadic existence in the sunlight zone of the ocean. She drifts with the current and flows. Her sisters know her for her adaptability, which is her greatest strength, especially when combined with her wild instinct, sharpened even more by her mastery of the bow and arrow. When shot, her arrow looks like a flying fish gliding above the surface. She fully trusts her intuition and listens to it with a keen ear. She is the first line of defense to the Queendom and swiftly relays any oceanic gossip or incoming intruders to the Inquisitor. However, the open ocean is vast and encounters are few and far between, so she is very good at playing and socializing with other drifters and migrants. She is the youngest and smallest of the medusozoas.